Half & Half

For someone who never played sports, I have a very strong appreciation for athletic-inspired fashion. Likewise, for someone who hated camo growing up, I’m surprisingly into the camo trend that was huge a while ago. This t-shirt is an all-time favorite for me, an dI love the way it’s a literal mash up of two trends, plus another — the black and white look that has been on the runways everywhere. So what up, I guess this is my #trend overkill look?


The electric blue color means this pairs well with more basic neutrals, like the black trousers I have here. You could opt to keep things more neutral, but I decided to call out the color again with the shoes. I’ve been wearing these New Balance sneakers nonstop and they’ve been super comfortable and offer a kick of color when I’m usually dressed in black or greige.

Again, more of the sports influence.¬†And it must be kismet because the numbers are the address of my childhood home. It’s the details that really make things perfect.

ASOS Shirt / Levis 510 Jeans / New Balance Shoes

Photos by Falcon Griffith – @_falconcara_