Located in Clerkenwell, a new-to-me neighborhood this time in London, and I had the distinct pleasuring of enjoying breakfast at Granger & Co. while I was in town visiting friends. Granger & Co. is precisely what I picture when I think of London. It’s calm, cool, and classic, while also being contemporary and chic

There’s an easiness to the place that was incredibly welcoming, while the grandeur of the space also elevated a morning meal. You enter up a staircase and light from tall windows cascades into the open room. If you snag one of the corner seats, where I was lucky enough to sit, you can take in both the atmosphere of the restaurant, while also looking out into the trees just across the street.


I hadn’t seen my friend in ages, so the few days I had in London were spent mostly with her, and this was one of my favorite spots to sit and talk and catch up. We were there around 9:00 on a Sunday, and there wasn’t much of a crowd, so it felt like we had the place to ourself.

I had lost my voice — poof! gone — due to travel and allergies, and and was in much need of some tea. With lots and lots of honey. I went with a jasmine silver tea and it arrived in it’s own tea pot. A few cups of that, and a second round, and I was starting to feel back to myself.

For breakfast I went with the sweetcorn fritters, which were served with roast tomato, spinach, and bacon. A savory delight, this was a perfectly balanced meal for me — hearty but not heavy, savory but not overpowering, there was a mix of flavors and textures to really wake me up. There was a bit of crispiness from the fritters, just enough fatty flavor from the bacon, and the spinach and tomato provided a healthy pop.

My friend went with the ricotta hotcakes, which were served with a helping serving of bananas and a spread of honeycomb butter. Light and airy, they were rich in flavor and would be a delightfully sweet start to your morning.

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