You know, sometimes life is all about the unexpected, but you just have to roll with it. So when the guys over at Old Spice got in touch because they wanted to do a giveaway featuring not just their product, but also a custom action figure based on the winner’s own actual face — well, I just had to go with it. Because it’s pretty rad, right?

From the guys over at Old Spice:

Impress with Forge Molding Putty, which gives guys a high hold and matte finish for hair that’s sturdy, yet shapeable. Winner receives a 6-month supply of Forge, plus an action figure forged from their likeness, direct from

Because you deserve to honor the amazing hair on top of the super-hero-ninja-pilot-spy that you are.

Prize Recap:

  • Three (3) jars of Old Spice Forge Molding Putty – plus two (2) to give to friends. That’s Five (5) total!
  • One (1) custom action figure
  • Hair that gets results. So much so, that your action figure now wants to reside there. Yes, you’ll now have a mini head on top of your big man head. Mind blown.

So there you have it. Seems like an awesome deal to me, and I’m kind of jealous I can’t enter this one myself. Giveaway goes for a week!

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