Having lived in a climate with 4 separate seasons for my whole life, you’d think I’d be used to the time between fall and winter when it’s basically midnight at 5pm, and the first of the cold winds begin to hit. But I’m not. I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve just been holding on to summer as much as I can. I needed a bit of greenery, so I headed to one of my favorite secret spots in NYC, a magnificent atrium in Midtown, at the Ford Foundation.


Ever since I moved to NYC I’ve noticed my style veering towards more athletic inspired styles. I was never an athlete in college — I usually got hit in the face with the ball, and I walked half of my laps in track — but I do appreciate the clean lines and the simplicity that most of the styles offer.


This jersey was actually made for the ladies, but the cut was actually perfect for me. It’s a bit more tailored in and slim fitting, which means this looks more like an appropriate piece of daywear and not like I just wandered in off of the fields. I paired it here with my favorite pair of New Balance sneakers, which have more of a rugged vibe, but if you swap out the shoes with something more formal you could easily bring this into the office.


Photos courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

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