I believe in the magic of scent, because nothing else has the ability to transport you somewhere else so instantly. Light a match and a candle can take you to the beach, the mountains, back to your childhood, or even to Paris.

One of my favorite candle companies is the superlative Dipytyque.

I was first introduced to the brand by a friend in Paris. He had a few scattered throughout his apartment, and the simple design first caught my eye, while the heavenly scents got me hooked.

Some of my favorites include:

Feau de Bois

Earthy and warm, this masculine scent brilliantly captures the smell of a burning fire. I love this one in the colder months, since this candle has a way to really warm up the atmosphere of my apartment.

Feuille de Lavande

For me this smells like the Tuileries of Paris in the summer  — which I talk about here — when the gardens are in full bloom and the sun beats down on the huge, verdant rows of violet lavender. This is fresh and clean, while still being evocative of the hot, summer months.


Quietly seductive, I think jasmine is one of the most sublime scents out there. Rich and delicate, strong and subtle, it’s a study in contrasts but is wildly addictive, a heady, light floral scent that I find to be rather unisex. This candle captures that French sense of je ne sais quoi, and is a quiet, yet rich fragrance. This is one of the more potent candles I’ve experienced, and I love how it can really perfume the space.


This was an unexpected one for me, and while I didn’t think I would like it at first, I’ve quickly made it my go to scent for the bathroom. It has an almost medicinal, Eucalyptus scent that is incredibly relaxing and clean, perfect for the bathroom — in the colder months I love starting my mornings with this candle.


Easily the most seductive scent of the bunch, there is something about this one that really lights my fire. Blending masculine with feminine, this is a mix of vetiver, juniper, and cedar, brightened with a mystery headiness that is clean and floral without being instantly recognizable. This scent perfumes a room beautifully, and is incredibly sexy.

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