DevaCurl No-Poo

Well who wants to slather poo on their head anyway? Not I, said this guy. Which brings me to DevaCurl’s No-Poo a sulfate-free, super moisturizing cleanser that hydrates and cleans the scalp, while also doing wonders for those of you with curls.

So let’s start on the basics here. DevaCurl is a system for those gifted with big, beautiful curls, which are a totally different ball game than straight hair, and should be treated with slightly different products. I’ve always been a fan of curls and waves, so for the lucky ones out there, this shampoo might just be for you.

This shampoo has replaced synthetic, chemical detergents with hops, wheat, and grape seed oil, and you can immediately tell this is a much more gentle product. There are no drying alcohol, and there are no silicones or parabens. Squeaky clean.

So this is a zero lather cleanser, which might throw you off at first, meaning it might look a little more like a conditioner that you’re used to. But cleanser it is, and you don’t need too much — I used about a dime sized amount, spread it through my hair, rinsed, and was good to go. My hair had slightly more body and texture, and it indeed felt super clean without losing all of my natural body and texture.

Now, disclaimer on this one is that I’m really not crazy about the scent of this. While it’s supposed to be Peppermint and Turkish Rose, the scent is decidedly “Noxema” to me. Which is fine, it’s just face cream. Would that stop me from using this product? Not really. There’s also a creamsicle scent out there, which I haven’t tried, but it’s there if you’d like to give it a try.