Davines says this shampoo is particularly perfect for giving hair extraordinary softness, shine, and body, and I have to admit, I agree with that. My hair is straight so I’ve never had issues with manageability, and thus can’t comment on that side of things, but I can say that my hair feels super soft and has a ton of extra body when I shampoo with this.

When you first open the bottle you’ll notice the scent, which is medicinal in a eucalyptus sort of way, and I really enjoy it. It’s definitely natural smelling, and reminds me of old-fashioned barber shops.

When I use this product I find you really, really only need a little bit of it. I also like to use this product because the effect is decidedly more “spa treatment” when you take the time to fully indulge. Really massage it into the scalp, inhale deeply, pause, and then rinse. Soak it in.

Loaded with roucou oil, which helps prevent hair aging and is a strong antioxidant, the Davines Oi Shampoo is billed as an absolute beautifying shampoo for all kinds of hair.

Davines started out in Parma as a research laboratory that produced high-end hair care products for worldwide companies. After a decade of experience, they launched their own brand, the results of which are the Davines we know today.

At the heart of everything is science — these products are formulated to work exactly as described. At the same time there is also a love of sustainable beauty, and the company prides itself on using the finest natural ingredients while respecting the artisanal nature of the manufacturing process when working with natural ingredients.


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