For several years I had a longstanding tradition of heading to Coffee Shop as soon as I got to NYC. Didn’t matter what time of day, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I was there. Smack in the middle of Union Square, and with a contemporary/retro diner vibe, this is quintessential Americana for me. Except it’s also Brazilian fusion. Yep — paired beautifully with the traditional American dishes are Brazilian entrees like the Shrimp Baiano, sauteed with peppers, cilantro, garlic, and garlic, served with rice and kale. Delicious. Prices aren’t too bad for the area, and I always felt like I got just the right amount of food. Other favorites include the California Wrap, with scrambled eggs and avocado, and don’t miss the fries — thinly sliced, perfectly crisp, they’re seasoned just right.

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