VIDEO - Stopmotion

Medium and Short Format video require a unique approach due to time constraints, but each has their strengths and weaknesses, and it’s critical to understand the best practices of each.

In settings such as Facebook and YouTube, Medium length video is perfect for establishing a discussion with consumers. Brevity is key, but the goal here is to build awareness, and encourage clickthrough.

On Instagram and Snapchat, short, thumb-stopping assets are key for grabbing audience attention. Unique treatments are both beautiful and informative, quickly establish brand voice. Shorter treatments encourage replays, and when well-excuted, can encourage follows.

Long Format


Long Format video allows brands to become sources of not only inspiration, but knowledge. Long Format video is best used for in-depth tutorials, and to deliver large amounts of information. By taking the time to fully engage and educate viewers, brands can establish themselves as experts within a highly competitive marketplace.



Stop-motion and Gif assets represent a unique opportunity to create thumb-stopping, inventive, and attention-grabbing content.

Short format and unique limitations provide constraints, which only adds to the positive reception of  intelligent and well executed assets. A variety of formats — stop-motion, cinemagraph, editorial — mean this is a highly versatile medium.

Stop-motion assets can be multi-purposed, increasing return on initial production spend. Assets created as social-first can be used as ads on platforms such as Facebook or in email marketing, ensuring brand messaging is reaching a variety of audiences in a cohesive and cost effective manner.


Casting - Editorial

Today’s social landscape is diverse, openminded, and receptive to trends and change — on figure talent and styling needs to reflect these realities. Casting is now, more than ever, critical in establishing a cohesive, relevant brand message.

Additionally, getting out of bland white box studios and into aspirational, inviting locations is key in standing out in an increasingly competitive digital conversation. Efficiencies can be taken with propping and furniture rental to create unique branded worlds that are cost efficient, yet provide the perfect finishing details.


Evergreen - Campaign - Product Launch

Photographing product for the social space requires a narrative point-of-view and a unique perspective in order to create assets that are thumb-stopping and build conversations. As digital trends move at lightning speed, brands must be aware of trends if they are to create beautiful, relevant product photography.