Creative Strategy, Art Direction

Taking inspiration from the variety of products under the Garnier umbrella, I developed a creative strategy to elevate the brand’s social media visuals, bringing more of an editorial twist to the mass market brand.

  • Developed and executed creative strategy for new social media video content
  • Elevated brand towards fashion/beauty editorial without alienating mass market positioning
  • Utilized multiple video styles, including a cinemagraphs, to create a variety of story telling options
  • Maximized production schedule to deliver final assets a month ahead of schedule

Videos have been most successful media on client’s Instagram channel, and have generated top levels of engagement.

    Hair Tutorials

    Hair tutorials are a staple of the brand’s social media content strategy, yet the brand wasn’t producing any unique content of their own. Assessing this as an opportunity to own the discussion, I developed an instantly identifiable graphic treatment for the brand’s hair tutorial videos. With casting and wardrobe choices, we created a bold set of hair tutorials that educate viewers in an easily digestible and eye catching style.

    Product Pop

    Timelapse Loops

    Garnier needed a fun and easy way to educate customers on how to use their products, while also showcasing their versatlitiy and effectiveness. This video format series is a timelapse loop, with a fun narrative added into the mix to make the media short but memorable.

    Savor The Moment


    Whole Blends is a unique line under the Garnier family, with a separate brand personality and visual treatment. Focused on natural essences and ingredients, this line called for lush styling and more personal moments for viewers to identify with. We used the cinemagraph style to capture these lush lifestyle moments.

    Everyday Polished

    Lifestyle Video

    Garnier wanted to showcase the many ways their products can be used together in everyday beauty routines. With a more glamorous lifestyle aesthetic, we created a series of videos that were educational, targeted to a more mature audience.