I create photo, video, and digital content for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands.

During university I lived a jet set life, splitting my time between Italy, Boston, Dubai, Paris, and Los Angeles. I’ve worked on haute couture shoots in Paris, shot streetstyle in Milan, and produced webtv in Los Angeles, Paris, and New York.

I pioneered webtv with my first self-produced project, “High Class, No Cash,” a web series uniquely formatted to the emerging digital landscape. From there I started working as a content creator in fashion and beauty, specialized in short format video and photography.

I graduated from Emerson College with a double major in Marketing Communications and Creative Writing: Short Stories. I minored in Semiotics, the study of how meaning is constructed in imagery. My passion for language, specifically Italian and French, has also led me to linguistics and application based foreign language instruction.

  • Creative Strategy

    Visual communication isn’t just putting up a pretty picture and hoping for the best. Understanding why an audience is going to react to a visual, or a word, or a concept, is just as important as beautiful execution. My background in marketing communications and creative writing has given me an innate understanding of consumer behavior and thought process, honed by years working in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle sectors.

  • Art Direction

    With an undergraduate degree in Semiotics and Visual Studies, my sense of art direction is grounded in a theoretical space. This theoretical understanding of why and how visuals affect people is put to practical use with years of experience directing talent, model casting, wardrobe and set styling, as well as art directing in pre- and post-production stages.

  • Multimedia Production

    With nearly a decade of  experience as a photographer, videographer, and editor, my understanding of photo and video is practical and tactical. I specialize in Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle content, and have worked with a number of top tier brands, including mass market and luxury. I was at at the forefront of WebTv, and created and launched 10 original web series, including A to Z style trend guides, the first influencer YouTube network with a slate of 4 original series, and personality-driven shows for YouTube’s Original Content Initiative.

Personal Work

“High Class, No Cash” was a hipster chic lifestyle guide for 20-somethings, focused on how to live well, without breaking the bank.

  • Produced, co-shot, and hosted 15 webisodes filmed in Paris, NYC, and Cancun
  • Evergreen content strategy to maximize views
    • Cancun pilot has received 20,000+ views since launch
  • Built native iPhone/iPad app with HTML/CSS
    • #1 Paris App for a week, 5,000+ downloads within year
  • Site redesign increased web traffic 100%
  • Forged syndication partnership with Details Network, a Condé Nast company

PETITE HISTOIRE is a luxury line of all-natural fragrances created in New York City using aromatherapy quality ingredients from around the world.

In French petite histoire is the backstory between lovers: it is the narrative that entwines them, the palpable tension that defines them. PETITE HISTOIRE is a line of all-natural fragrances designed to articulate these feelings; it draws inspiration from global settings and the emotions we feel with those we love. While our formulas remain the same, the inherent variation of all-natural ingredients ensures the love affair is uniquely yours.

For more information: www.petitehistoire.net

“The Landscape of Fashion” was an archival presentation seeking the connection between runway and travel imagery, based on mood, palette, and scale.

Held at the beginning of New York Fashion Week FW’13 in a two-bedroom suite at the Andaz 5th Avenue, the space featured sweeping views of Bryant Park, the New York Public Library, and the Empire State Building, and 100 black baccara roses from Ecuador.

Scentscapes were provided by diptyque paris to augment the sensory experience. Additional sponsors included Perrier and Adorama.