Cafe Pinson

When I’m traveling I usually have a bad habit of running myself ragged. I’m usually on a go-go-go schedule, where I have people to see and places to be. Exploring new neighborhoods is great, but

Le Moulin De La Vierge

There are few things more representative of Paris than the bakeries that are scattered throughout the city. They are open early in the morning, offering up a delicious aroma in the cool beginnings of day. Each

Le Mary Celeste

Every time I go to Paris I discover some new little place. Sometimes it’s a place I’ve read about, sometimes it’s somewhere I just stumble across, and sometimes it’s somewhere a friend takes me to.


I feel like climbing things is an inherently toursity thing to do. What is it about flying halfway around the world that makes us want to scale the tallest tower and take stock of things?

Hotel Pulitzer, Paris

When I’m researching hotels there are a few things I look for. Location, price, and style. Is the place going to help my enjoy the city, or will I have to trek to faraway places


My first night in Copenhagen was spent wandering the city. I had a list of places to see and restaurants to visit, but when I’m traveling and fresh off the plane the last thing I want

Big Apple

My friend and I were wandering around Copenhagen playing typical tourists as we took in the city’s landmarks. The Little Mermaid Statue? Check. Nyhavn, the charming old harbor? You know it. In between a list

Underwest Donuts

So I kind of have this thing with donuts. Every now and again I just get a craving, and who am I to say no to these things? While I’ve complained about the lack of

Hotel Duo

I’ve always believed where you stay plays a critical role in how you perceive a place. Would a movie be the same if the setting was changed? Most definitely — it’s the same when you

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