My First (and possibly last) Pilates Class

Part of my #30DaysOfFitness journey was pushing myself out there and doing things I was maybe intimidated by or were scary. One of those things, for me, was pilates. Why? Because it just seems so mysterious. I

Exo Protein Bars – Made with Cricket Flour

When I first heard about Exo Protein bars, made with cricket flour, my reaction was something along the lines of “Say what? Cricket flour? Mmmkay, let me call you riiiight back.” But then I looked

Stanley’s Pharmacy

One sunny afternoon I was on an adventure with friends in the Lower East Side, and we fortuitously discovered Stanley’s Pharmacy, a wonderful neighborhood shop that’s exactly what the doctor ordered. Founded by Stanley George,


Now that I’ve been on a bit of a fitness kick, I’ve been looking for things to help me get my mornings started. I’ve talked about protein powders before, but sometimes you get tired of

CytoSport CytoGainer

When I first started working out, I was very much against the notion of most fitness products. “They taste bad and are awful,” I would insist, having tried a few too many health bars that

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