Sault New England

Before I moved to New York I called the South End in Boston home, and even today, it still feels very much like a homey retreat.  This is a neighborhood of charming brownstones and my

The Thinking Cup

There’s something kind of magical about a good coffee shop, when the smell of coffee takes over you as you settle into a comfy chair while you dive into the latest book you’re reading or

Brattle Street Books

The last time I was at Brattle Street Books in Boston, there was a rabbi shipping a collection of religious texts from the 1880’s back to Israel. I, however, opted not to pay the hundreds

On Business With Pleasure

People tend to think my job is pretty glamorous. I’m a videographer/producer and do a lot with fashion, travel, and lifestyle, so I get to travel around and have access to some pretty fun things.

Eastern Standard Kitchen

Boston’s Eastern Standard Kitchen a blend of a bar and a restaurant, with an outdoor terrace. It has something for everyone, and is one of the best designed spaces in Boston. Soaring ceilings, big comfy

Flour Bakery

Flour Bakery was always one of the few mysterious places in Boston for me. While I always lived in the center of the city, it was always just far enough from a Flour that I

On Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a funny thing. Oftentimes people think it’s bad as it keeps you from living in the moment, but I would disagree with that. Nostalgia is often what prompts me to try new things,

The Beehive

The Beehive is definitely worth the buzz, a place with live music that boasts a menu with global flair. Located in the heart of Boston’s South End neighborhood, right on Tremont Street, it’s a definite

Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill. Ahhhh, old money. And college students. Situated in downtown Boston, the neighborhood is an intersection of families, students, tourists, and medical staffers from the Mass General hospital. Packed with charm, Beacon Hill is

The North End

Somewhat removed from the rest of the city, the North End is the Italian heartbeat of the city. Hanover Street, the main drag, is packed with Italian eateries, most of which are delicious if a

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