I’m kind of a snob about my olive oil, after living in Italy and experiencing the real stuff fresh from the olive groves. On salad, on pasta, on a piece of bread, it’s rich and velvety and delicious. But the fact of the matter is olive oil isn’t just for eating — those same nutrients that make olive oil so good for you also do wonders for your skin, and one product that I’ve been slathering on lately is the C. Booth Italian Olive Oil Body Butter.

This body butter has shea and cocoa butters to ensure deep conditioning on your skin, while Vitamin E helps with any dryness or irritation. Slather it on after the shower and you’ll be quite content, I promise — when the weather gets cold and dry, like it is now, I turn to body butters because they’re rich and creamy and really sink into your skin.

Ain’t nobody got time to feel like a piece of sandpaper when they’re snuggling up by the fire.

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