When you live in Boston you quickly notice that basically nothing is open. Ever. After 5pm it seems like the city shuts down. Hungry at midnight? Sorry. There’s really nothing for you. Likewise, being a college kid in a city that is stringently 21+ means your nightlife is limited.

Which is basically why I spent most of my undergrad years in Bova’s, late at night. Because it’s open 24/7 and is a bakery. Um, Hi, can I get your number?

While Bova’s isn’t the more famous of the North End bakeries, I think it’s actually the best of the bunch. There’s a wide variety from pizzas to pastries, and the portions are insane. Perfect if you’re on a budget, or looking to pick something and share with someone. And everything is sublime. My usual go-to was the loaf of cinnamon raisin bread. Yes, a whole loaf. Which might also explain why I was single throughout undergrad, but that’s a different story..

I spent a lot of time at Bova’s with old roommates, and the walk through the North End was always a nice retreat from our campus, which wasn’t that far away, located on the corner of Boylston and Tremont, right on the Common. But feel free to check it out during the daytime, too, because, well, it’s open 24/7, remember?

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