My friend and I were wandering around Copenhagen playing typical tourists as we took in the city’s landmarks. The Little Mermaid Statue? Check. Nyhavn, the charming old harbor? You know it. In between a list of things and sights to see, I’m a big fan of serendipity when traveling, so of course it felt like the perfect match when we came across “Big Apple.” Where else would two New Yorkers go?

When we walked in there was super chill music playing, and the sun was low in the sky so the place was filled with beautiful light. There was super chill music playing, and as we entered in from the cold it felt like we had arrived.  There are trees and plans in the space, which is decorated in that dreamy Scandinavian style that is clean and comfortable, yet still somehow perfectly chic and stylish. How do they do it? There was a variety of seating, from benches along the wall to long tables where there were people working and studying.

The draw here would have to be the fresh pressed juices, and I went with a ginger, lemon, carrot that was the perfect antidote to the wintry weather outside. And I’m also going to have to insist you get a flatbread sandwich while you’re here — I got chorizo and avocado, which was wrapped up in whole grain delicious and was so, so good.

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