Small and charming is generally what I look for in a drinks destination, and I’m always stumbling (figuratively!) into new places. One such discovery was on the Upper East Side, not too long ago, when when I was meeting up with some friends.

This is a chic hole in the wall, with clean lines and perfect lighting. The bar is welcoming, and the high top tables are the perfect place to sit with friends. The lighting was low without being dark, and there was a nice mix of glass, steel, and wood, which made the space feel well designed but comfortable.

The food menu is small but robust, and everything is made at the small kitchen tucked behind the bar. My friends ordered the hummus, which looked delicious and was homemade. One friend ordered an apple, walnut, ricotta bruschetta, which was tart and tasty.

As for the wine, I went with a vermentino, which was just the right amount of tart and without being dry or saccharine. Friends all ordered different wines, and with a little help from the staff we were all found something just right.

Talking with our waiter, who was a very friendly guy, we found out the owner had met his wife in Italy and the two fell in love over a mutual passion for wine. They always promised ready other they would open a little wine place one day, but sadly she passed away before the dream could materialize. Today’s bar Prima is a realization of that promise, and a beautiful memorial to their love.

Overall Bar Prima is a small spot with a big heart. It’s comfortable for two, and is also a great date spot.

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