Bacon scallion cream cheese. Everything bagel. Open 24/7. Do I really need to say anything else? Bagelsmith is located in Williamsburg, just off of the Bedford stop, and I have to say, the place won my heart this weekend. The bagel was soft and dense, with a perfect chewiness to the crust, exactly as it should be. Also, it had a golden ratio of cream cheese to bagel — just enough that you feel like you’re eating a sandwich, but not too much that the coldness of the schmear starts distracting from the warm bagel. I’m pretty particular about it, but they do it right. The staff was super friendly, there was a huge variety on the menu, and they take credit cards, with no minimum. My tip? Check it out when you’re headed home after a night out — it’s a great alternative to the usual slice of pizza.

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