Army Surplus in the Garden

The leaves have started to change here in New York, and while I do miss the bright foliage of home in New England, I don’t miss the midnight darkness at 4pm. So in an attempt to take in the last bit of greenery before winter arrives and the cold settles in, I decided to visit a nearby garden, one of the secret spots in Midtown East of which I’m quite fond.



The shirt was a great find at an Army Surplus store. The cut is sublime and is incredibly flattering — it looks like it was tailored specifically for me, and I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on. The material is a really heavy wool, perfect for the colder months, but the thing here that is so important is the way this shirt is cut — super high arm holes make my arms look longer, and it also eliminates excess fabric under the arm, meaning my torso looks long and lean.



I’m all about a good slip on shoe these days. I guess it’s me quietly creeping into old age, but at least I’ll go quietly, since these are both super comfortable, and the rubber sole makes them nice and quiet. I found them at H&M earlier in the season for $24.00, and they’ve treated me well throughout the season. While I do love really beautifully made shoes — your feet are important, take care of them! — I also am all about a sort of “throw away” summer shoe that you can thrash without feeling too guilty about it. Last year I had a pair of yellow plimsoll, but this year I went for the Army green slip ons. Inexpensive options allow you to take fashion risks you might not otherwise, so don’t be afraid to step out of the line a little bit.

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

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