I’ve worked on haute couture shoots in Paris, shot streetstyle in Milan, and produced webtv in Los Angeles, Paris, and New York. I create photo, video, and digital content for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands.

The son of a librarian and a computer programmer, I’ve always been immersed in narrative and the digital world.

During university I lived a jet set life, splitting my time between Italy, Boston, Dubai, Paris, and Los Angeles. I then made my move to New York City. I helped pioneer webtv with my first project, “High Class, No Cash,” a web series uniquely formatted to the emerging digital landscape. From there I started working as a content creator in fashion and beauty, with a speciality in short format video and photography.
I graduated from Emerson College with a double major in Marketing Communications and Creative Writing: Short Stories. I minored in Semiotics, the study of how meaning is constructed in imagery. My passion for language, specifically Italian and French, has also led me to linguistics and application based foreign language instruction.