There’s nothing like a healthy dose of sunshine to really boost your mood. Throw on a pair of sunglasses and head out into the world, and it seems like nothing can stop you. Simply perfect.


I found this cardigan at H&M a little bit ago, and we’ve basically been inseparable ever since. For me it’s all about the ribbing on this — horizontal across the back and shoulders, and vertical on the arms an torsos. The horizontal detailing makes my back, chest, and shoulders look big and bulky, which is like going to the gym only I don’t have to do any work. Yes, please! Not only is this cardigan super comfortable, but it’s also a bit of a a mirage moment, and I’m ok with that.


The sunglasses are from Arnette and are some major favorites. I love the bright color, which is totally unique and different. The arms of the glasses are tortoiseshell and I think it’s just a great blend of designs.


The boots are from Tony Lama and again, the details here are what make them sing for me — that little bit of leather fringe adds just a bit of something extra.

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

Sunglasses courtesy

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