So, that’s a wrap. 30 Days of Fitness.

I didn’t write about working out every day because I didn’t feel like it was entirely the point.

And I wasn’t in the gym every single day for 30 days, because that’s kind of insane.

But that’s part of what I learned.

I did 4 work outs a week with a trainer, and then my body kind of shut down over the final weekend. There were times when I would be in the gym doing extra sets, or just little things to keep my mind occupied, but by and large, nope, I was done.

There’s no before/after shot, and that’s kind of the point. At the beginning of the process I was asked what my goals are. I said I wanted to be 6’4” and 180lbs. Well, that didn’t quite happen. Because that’s not realistic.

Which is fine, because I’m totally happy with my current results.

My goal wasn’t to lose weight, or really to super bulk up, or do anything other than become a better version of myself. Really though. If anything my posture was the biggest goal, since I’m basically channeling the Hunchback of Notre Dame here in Turtle Bay.

My goal was to see if I could do a crazy 30 Days of Fitness challenge. It was to learn a lot of new things, which I definitely did thanks to my trainer. And it was to expand my fitness awareness.

The takeaway here is learning to be comfortable with who are, and celebrating the goals that you set and achieve. Start small, then grow from there. That’s the easiest way.

Two Months Later

I admit it.

I’ve fallen off the fitness bandwagon. Training super hardcore 4 times a week takes a lot out of you. My training took me into super hectic fashion week, where I had literally no time to work out. Then I had the flu for about 10 days, and let’s just say mucus and weights don’t really mix.

Ok. So that’s really only one month of excuses.

The reality is I think I lost my inspiration. I had set my goal, and I had achieved it.

So now what?

Well, this #gymrat has slowly crawled out of his sedentary hole and has been hitting the gym again. I’m starting small, and taking it easy. I have a 4 week workout plan I’m trying to follow, but maybe I’ll start that tomorrow… kidding! Procrastination doesn’t lead to sexy pecs.

But I am taking it slower. Even if I’m working out everyday, which is my current goal, it will likely be for my usual 30 minutes instead of 60. I like shorter workouts — heavier weights, fewer rests, and iron focus (see what I did there?)

Summer is coming up, so I’m getting myself ready for what I can only hope is a warm season of sunshine and beach time. I might need to book something to make sure that happens, but first, I have a lengthy walk to the gym and a hot date with a pair of dumbbells. Because dating twins really is the best.

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