Last year I had a trainer for about 4 months. I would still say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and while expensive, I looked at it as an investment in myself. Also, considering the amount of money I spent on “Intro to English Lit” at my university, I think the costs were comparable, only training is a genuine lifetime investment. I not only learned the basics, but also had someone there to cheer me on, teach me, correct what I was doing wrong, and teach me the new things that I needed, all in good time.

Today was the first day back, and I have to admit, my thought process was definitely “Oh lord, definitely blacked this part of the deal out.”

My how time flies! I’ve been working out on my own, but definitely not as hardcore. Tired, drained, and feeling a bit insecure, these were the feelings that I had when I first started a year ago.

We did push ups, which made my arms feel like they were on fire, and I felt like my endurance was incredibly low. I had said I wanted to focus on my posture, chest, and back, since I work at a computer all day and am starting to resemble a droopy sunflower, and boy did we stretch those out.

But this is all good things. From this point on, it’s building up endurance and strength, and getting back to that peak fitness feeling. I know a lot of people start working out, even just once, and it kind of …sucks, for lack of a better word, and anyway, it’s really not the most fun and people just give up. Which isn’t going to get you anywhere.

So I’ll be writing here some of my insights in working out, some of my reviews on Fitness products and places, and we’ll see how these 30 Days of Fitness go. I was lucky enough to score an unlimited training deal from — read the review here — so I decided to launch this diary of sorts to hopefully inspire you, and to also keep myself on track.

Photo courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

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